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Buyer Beware - Buyer regret is the most likely outcome for Mayweather vs Mcgregor

Ok so we are almost a week away from the spectacle of Mayweather a 49-0 all time great boxer vs a MMA fighter who has 0 professional fights in Conor McGregor. With all the hype & promotion, the event itself does have a lot of momentum and PPV num…

WardKovalev2 has no buzz, Who should be blamed?

So its fight week and no one seems to be talking about it or excited about it the rematch between "Andre Ward" & "Sergey Kovalev". It wasnt like KovalevWard1 was a bad fight....it was actually a very good competitive fight and had …
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Pound for Pound List

Rank Name Record
1 Andre Ward (32-0-0)
2 Gennady Golovkin (37-0-0)
3 Vasyl Lomachenko (8-0-1)
4 Terence Crawford (31-0-0)
5 Canelo Alvarez (49-1-1)
6 Errol Spence Jr. (22-0-0)
7 Keith Thurman (28-0-0)
8 Anthony Joshua (19-0-0)
9 Mikey Garcia (36-0-0)

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Pacquaio 75 % (3 Votes)
75% Complete
Horn 25 % (1 Votes)
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